My name is Rafael Mir Munar

About me: I was born and raised on the beautiful island of Mallorca, where I learned the importance of dedication and commitment to achieve any goal. My professional achievements began at a very early age in the fashion sector, giving way to the construction and hospitality sectors, until I became a creator of companies and brands. Today, I am a talent analyst with a deep passion for my work and always guided by solid ethical values. Commitment and ethics: My ethical approach is a fundamental part of my work. I believe it is essential to establish lasting and trusting relationships with both candidates and companies. For me, professional ethics is more than a standard; It is a firm commitment to act with integrity, transparency and respect in every step of my work. Key to success: I firmly believe that the key to success in any task is the commitment and passion that is put into it to achieve the goal. Every day, I strive to offer my best to help people find the right job and companies find the right talent. Objective: I am here to help people reach their full potential, matching their passion and skills with the right opportunities.